Friday, 29 November 2013

Red Wine, Cream Lace

Lace is in! And here's one of my favorite top. Lace button long sleeves top with wine red ribbon on the collar. I just love how that small detail made the top so much more appealing(at least to me). Cream colored lace, wine red ribbon--- the two colors compliment each other. 
Oh and that bag is one of my favorite too.
You can pair this top with a pencil skirt and heels to dress it up.
Or you can pair it with tailored shorts and flats to achieve a more casual look!

Lace top from Miss Selfridge
Double Breasted coat from Stradivarius

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dots all over

I really love polka dot patterns but I can't wear it in my own country without someone laughing at me and ask if it's New Year yet! In my country, the Philippines, it's part of our belief/practice to wear polka dots on New Years, we believe it's luck!
Now that I'm living in Singapore I can wear polka dots all I want! Singapore's weather is unpredictable, one moment it was sunny and then it will suddenly rain :/ Lately rains are frequent so it's safe to wear a sweater and this lovely polka dot romper from Forever21!

Polka dot Romper from Forever21
White sweater from Forever21
Pineapple bag from H&M
lovely photos taken by Ms. Beth