Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Colmar Tropicale

Hello guys!
 How was your long weekend?
 If you are living in a country that observes Good Friday as a public holiday,
 then you'll know what I'm talking about!

Well for me, I spent an amazing 3 days and 2 nights in a French-themed resort in Malaysia!
My friend and I were mind blown because the place was simply amazing! It's as if we were not in Malaysia at all; the hotels, buildings, shops and furniture spoke of France. It was of no wonder because the place was actually named and modeled after Colmar town, in Alsace France.
What's good about this resort is that you can do more than just eat and relax! Aside from regular shows throughout the day, there are also other places like the Adventure Park, Rabbit Park, Japanese Village, Golf Club and Horse Trail. You can climb walls, ride horses, play with fluffy bunnies or have a relaxing Japanese tea ceremony while donned in a kimono! All places are accessible by free shuttle service by the resort :). If you want to know more about the resort you can visit their official website

I will be blogging about Japanese Village separately! Link here.
 And in case you're wondering why i'm wearing 2 different outfit, it's because these photos were taken on 2 different days! I chose to wear comfortable clothes as I know that we will walk and do all sort of activities all day long!

Romantic lights at night

Few shots I manage to take during the shows.
OMG! This girl's body was so flexible beyond imagination!

And lastly, outfit shots by my amazing friend Ms. Beth

Japanese Village

Here's a separate entry about my visit at the 
Japanese Village and Rabbit Park, in Colmar Tropicale Resort!
Also for the review about the hotel resort please click here.

The main reason why I needed to make a separate post about these two places was because I took too many photos lmao. And I just can't help but share them with you because of my pretty pink kimono and fluffy rabbits!
I'll start off with the Japanese Village! The Japanese Village is only accessible by the free shuttle from the resort, it's quite far from the hotels so walking is not an option. When we reached the place, we needed to climb up the long stairs and walk a short but tiring distance because of the upward slope of the road. It felt like we climbed a hill! The walk was definitely worth it! When we reached the place, there was a small traditional Japanese house where you can rent kimonos for a very cheap price! You can also pay to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony but I skipped that because I don't drink tea.
Also, for those who love going for spa, there's a another traditional Japanese house which they called the 'Tatami Spa House', you can go for a relaxing spa and various body massage and even experience an onsen(bathing outdoors)!

Say hello to me and my friend wearing kimonos! I'm wearing a pink kimono!

me and my friend's big difference in height lol


The rabbit park was the fluffiest place I visited like literally. There's so much rabbits hopping around and they're really really cute! Aside from rabbits they also have guinea pigs, tortoise and graceful deer! 

And a deer lol.