Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rimba Jimbaran by AYANA, Bali Indonesia

I decided to take a break from all the buzz of life and 
escape for a few days to the beautiful place of Bali, Indonesia.

We stayed in a luxurious 5 star hotel in Bali - RIMBA by Ayana.
We were picked up at the airport by a hotel staff and politely escorted us to our car; my friend and I requested for an airport transfer which costs from $50(back and forth) depending on the type of car you prefer to use. It was a short 20 minute drive from the airport.

Security was good. Upon arrival at the resort entrance, we had to stop at a checkpoint. Guards checked our luggage at the back of the car and verified our names(I can't remember exactly what they did but I know they asked me something LOL sorry)

The moment we arrived at the hotel lobby, several staffs were already waiting.
They opened the door for us, greeted us with a bow and a smile, and my favorite part was , when they gave us a fragrant lei(flower necklace). They took care of our luggage and escorted us to the reception so that we can check our bookings and settle transactions for our room. It was a great first impression. 

The transaction with staffs at the reception was short and sweet. Everything was ready and noted in their computer system, so it only took us a few minutes to and they gave us 2 card keys for our room. Our luggage was delivered to our room. Wifi is free and I can say that the connection was good and very accessible even if we went outside our rooms. AYANA offered a free public wifi too.

This is a long post. Unfortunately, I only spent 2 nights and 3 days with them so I did not got the chance to visit Kubu Beach and try their spas. I would definitely go back for a longer stay!

Oh, they had the nicest hotel lobby I had ever seen. Check out some photos below.


HOTEL ROOM(Hill Side Room)


RIMBA had 3 main public pools which are fabulously designed. There's one upper pool, kids pool and lower pool. There's actually one more pool at UNIQUE which I'm going talk about later on.

One more thing, which I think is a plus, is that you can also use pools at their sister hotel which is AYANA, it's 10 minutes away from RIMBA and is very much accessible by their free shuttle which comes every after 10 minutes.

AYANA pools
AYANA pools


This is what I love the most about AYANA and RIMBA. The stunning sunset views are priceless. Amazing. Pictures doesn't even do justice. 
I fell in love with both hotels' relaxing tropical atmosphere.
Sunsets are most special, you can view it perfectly and marvel at its beauty while dining outside or drinking wine  right by the beach side, while listening to the sound of the waves. 
It felt wonderful.
(and there's lot of places where I can take ootd shots xD)


Rock Bar is located at AYANA, but RIMBA guests has priority access to it as much as AYANA guests do. It's seated on top of a rock I guess? That's why it's called rock bar. But this famous bar is seriously amazing for the view it offered. It's exactly located right at the beach side where you can see and feel the waves splashing onto rocks. And of course, don't forget the sunset.

Here's a video of the Rock Bar while I was riding the 'elevator'.

UNIQUE - Rooftop Bar and Restaurant. I love the interior of this place. Let the pictures speak for themselves. And yes, you can swim at the pool. 
My friend and I had our dinner here, and I was greatly impressed by the service they gave us. I ordered some burger, while my friend ordered a baby chicken rice(?) I can't really remember the name of the food but I guess her rice was a bit cold so she asked for it to be replaced. The staff deeply apologized and offered us FREE fries while waiting for her food to be served again. My friend asked them to replace JUST the rice but they gave her a whole new set of the food. Afterwards, they kept on checking whether the food was fine and if we need anything which I think is really nice. 
They also gave us roses, and since I love roses, it's a like a million plus points for them <3

SO much love for the colorful stairs!

You can actually feed the kois
Romantic Dining at AYANA
Took picture with some of the staffs before we leave. I'll take the good memories with me Bali!

You can also go to their official website to find out more: