Sunday, 28 September 2014

Black and White

I had a relaxing Sunday which was exactly what I need after long days of work.
I spent half of the day on my bed, and went out with my friend during late afternoon.
We stroll along the clean and pretty streets of Singapore. Took some outfit shots.
and head off for dinner,we were craving for some crepes so we went to Le Comptoir; a Creperie and Cocktail Bar.I'll make a separate entry about it soon.
I really love my turtle neck top from Megagamie.
It's made of soft and light material so it's really comfortable to wear!
Momochrome shorts from a local shop at Far East Plaza ;)

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hello guys! It's been a while since my last post, life's been really busy
and time flies so fast and now it's already September!
The year is ending soon, it feels like 2014 just started yesterday.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you've seen me wear tulle skirts quite a lot
and I am sorry because I won't be stopping my addiction to tulle skirts anytime soon.
This dreamy pink tulle flouncy skirt was a gift from a friend during my birthday last month.
I actually had it in blue, but since she knew I'm dying to buy the pink one too, she got it for me. How sweet of her!

I styled it with a white 'Hello' shirt and white flat shoes to keep it as casual as possible.
I just love the contrast of colors and I feel like 'Hello' and the vibrant pink gave out a very positive mood!
I feel happy just by looking at it!
And at the end of this post, I included a few photos to show another way you can style this skirt! It's more formal compared to the first style.

and also, I had to dye my hair a darker shade because the brown is getting too light and bright . I'm going to dye it back with ash brown soon but after a day, I am already missing my ash brown hair T_____T

Flouncy Tutu skirt from Megagamie
Hello shirt from The Blackground

Photos by Ms. Beth

Another way to style this skirt!

Hope you enjoyed this post! xoxo