Friday, 3 October 2014

Le Comptoir

Short and quick review of our experience at Le Comptoir :)

The ambiance of the place was relaxing; with mellow lights and quiet streets as it is a Sunday evening.

They do serve other dishes aside for crepes but the choices were very limited. We had Grilled Salmon with White Wine and Butter Sauce; it was complimented with two sides of our choice which were Bacon and Leek Fondue and Potato Wedges for $29, good value for money I would say; the salmon was delectable and fresh. I would definitely come back again for this. The surroundings was so relaxing I ate slower than usual, savoring every bit.

Unlike the main and side dishes, they have a wide variety of drinks to offer; wine, cocktails and cider. Unfortunately, I don't drink so I went for the 'boring' Orange Juice
They also have a long list for sweet and non sweetened crepes. 
My friend and I went for sweet crepes for dessert. I had 'French Kiss' flavor while my friend had Nutella and Almond. The crepes were good too although I tasted better crepes before.

The staffs were very friendly and attentive. They consistently checked on us and asked how we liked the food. Service was very good :)

TIP: if you want to relax, try to avoid going on Friday night and Saturdays because it's really crowded.

P.S. My favorite part was eating while seating on the swing :)


Some photos along the way...
before or after dining at Le Comptoir, you can stroll around the streets, unwind and chat with your friends or special someone! The restaurant's location is really good :)