Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hi everyone! My life's been pretty hectic lately so I don't really have any chance to shoot a proper ootd. My friend who's been taking my photos went on a holiday and I'm not really comfortable posing for anyone but her!

Time flies so fast, October is coming soon! I am really excited for next month because I'll be flying to Japan for a holiday YAY!

I've been doing some serious shopping for the past few days because it'll be autumn season there and I will need clothes, lots of them! Well, I'm a girl who lived in a tropical country all my life so I don't have a single idea how to dress for autumn season(I've been asking google for fashion inspirations). It'll be my first time in Japan too, so I'm really super freaking excited!

Anyone been to Japan during fall season? How cold can it be?

I am already freezing in a 24 degree Celsius air conditioned room.