Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Almost Autumn

It was my first time wearing boots! I've always wanted to own one but because I think it's too unpractical to wear them in a hot tropical weather so I never did. Finally, I got an excuse when I went to Japan last week because of several reasons: (1) The weather's cool due to the approaching autumn season (2) Nobody will care if I wear boots because most of them wear one too (3) I'm a tourist so I can get touristy as much as I want to even if I have to wear these boots in Disneyland (4) Any excuse will do I just want to wear them.

Okay, I did wear them when we went around Disneyland but my defense was that these pair of boots were comfortable enough to walk around all day long! I'm not even kidding! They're simple, sleek and comfortable!

Much love for this pair from H&M.

Do you think I should wear boots more often?

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Airbnb Apartment Review

I love our bedroom so much, I realized that I only took photos of the bedroom but not the living area, kitchen and bathroom(I'm sorry haha)

This our first time using airbnb for our accommodation so we were worried at first. We never met our host Shu but he replied to our messages promptly. He also provided all details we needed including pictorial map of the place so we won't get lost. He also made a map of the all the possible places we can eat around the neighborhood. We did not really asked him a lot of questions because he had it written/printed down for us already. What more can we ask for?

So about the apartment, I guess it's a comfortable apartment for 2 people but having 3 will be manageable too I guess. We are allowed to use the washing machine and also cook if we want to(we did not really use any of them). We always prefer to explore and find something to eat around the neighborhood . 

My friend and I adored the bedroom so much! The bed were soft and comfy. It made us feel so at home. We always sleep so soundly at night which was rare for me when I'm overseas because I tend to miss my own bed lol. 
The neighborhood have everything we need, 24 hours mart, ramen houses, small restaurants or fast food and small bars if you need a drink. Despite having all that, the area was peaceful and safe :) 

Getting around Tokyo from here isn't that time consuming too. It's 2 stations away from Shibuya and you can transfer to almost any train lines from there. The longest travel time we had was to Asakusa which took us 45 minutes but the rest of the place took less than that.

My friend and I decided that we will definitely want to stay here again the next time we visit Tokyo!

here's the link to Shu's airbnb listing if you want to stay:

Entrance gate to the apartment
At night. Cozy and warm.
First morning light.

Around the neighborhood.
View from the terrace.

Japan Trip: Swallowtail Butler Cafe, Pikachu and Okinawa

Swallowtail Butler Cafe
My friend and I arrived in Tokyo separately(me being from Okinawa and her straight from Singapore) but we met at Narita airport and boarded the train to the city together.

It was our first night in Tokyo, guess what we did? 
We headed straight to Ikebukuro to have dinner at the Swallowtail Butler Cafe. We made advance booking through their website as you won't be able to get in if there's no advance booking. You can book as early as 2 weeks in advance. We were greeted by cute, YES, CUTE BUTLERS!! Cute boys dressed in fine tailored suits bowed their heads and escorted us inside the restaurant. They carried our bags and took off our coats before they took to our seats.

The butler assigned to us was called Kohane, I did not understand anything he said but his voice was music! He explained the menu for us and attended to all our needs. The butlers did everything, poured us tea, placed a table napkin on our lap, replaced used condiments. The butlers treated each customer a princess, literally. They gave us a bell so that in case we needed anything, we could ring the bell and they would come. We never have to do it because our butler was there observing us the whole time lol. It's actually a nice experience and I would definitely comeback again. 

The only sad part about it was that we were not allowed to take photos of the food nor the butlers. Nobody was allowed to do that. Well I can understand why to be honest, it make the customers comeback for the butlers. And it preserves the mystery of the cafe. But anyway, should you head down to Tokyo, definitely try this experience!
The entrance to the cafe. A butler is waiting downstairs.

Ueno Station and Pikachu
Last day in Tokyo! I don't even want to leave! 
Anyway, for our last day, we headed down to Ueno Station to meet my mom's friend and passed by this pretty park. Also, by pure luck, a bookstore nearby the station was having some photo-taking event with Pikachu! I find Pikachu superbly cute and adorable that I was jumping for joy when I learned about the event. We had our photos taken and I hugged him?her? 
After that we boarded the skyliner train to the airport. Left Japan as a happy kid!

Before Tokyo, I visited my university schoolmate and friend at Okinawa. Okinawa was so much quieter than Tokyo and warmer too. The main part of my trip here was going to Churaumi Aquarium which is considered as Japan's best aquarium and one of the world's biggest! I personally enjoyed the Dolphin Show more than anything else. I also tried the Okinawan Soba and tasted the best spare ribs I have ever eaten!

Japan Day 1-2: Tokyo Tower

More than any places in Japan, somehow, I am much fascinated with the Tokyo Tower. I am not sure as to when and where my interest rooted; it being the setting of most animes I watched perhaps? 

Even when I was planning our itinerary, the Tokyo Tower was on top of the list. I told myself that I need to see it at least twice; once during the day and once at night. So I researched for places that will give me the best view of the tower: World Trade Center Observatory and Mori Tower Skydeck. 

So did it live up to my expectation? 
I would say, Yes! Definitely! I ended up going for it thrice! 
I liked the view from the Mori Tower Skydeck better because I was not looking through any glass. It's a rooftop deck so it gave an unobstructed view of the tower and the rest of Tokyo. Indescribable feeling.

View from World Trade Center Observatory
View from Mori Towers Skydeck
View from ground level Mori Towers

Up Close

View from ground level Zojoji Temple
Perspective from the foot of the tower

My friend and I did not share the same feelings about the Tokyo Tower though. She was not interested in towers or any architectural structures. But I'm thankful for her patience with me all throughout the trip lol.

Well it was certainly beautiful for me, how about you?

Japan Day 3: Tokyo Disneyland

Wooohoooo! Finally! It was my first time in Disneyland so please pardon me for all the photos lol. Now I know why it's called the happiest place on Earth and although I didn't look that happy in pictures, I was happy deep in my heart haha.

Technically, Disneyland is outside Tokyo but still connected by trains. Tokyo Disneyland is at Maihama Station which is accessible through the JR Keiyo Line. From Tokyo Station, we had a good 10 minute walk to get down to Keiyo line and spent another 20 minutes to reach Maihama Station.

From there we just walked our way to the entrance gate of Disneyland but you can also opt to take Disney's monorail which is of course not free. Only guests staying at Disney Resorts were given a complimentary ride at the monorail.

Talking aside here are SOME of the pictures my friend and I took!I also recommend you to watch the video to catch a glimpse of the electric light parade at night! 

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Stick

Tea pot vending machine

Definitely a magical experience!!!