Tuesday, 10 May 2016

East Java Indonesia Day 2

I don't look like it but I was having a hard time breathing when we took this picture xD
So straight from Mt. Bromo and a 6 hour drive, we finally reached our hotel at Banyuwangi. We checked in at around 8 in the evening and the biggest relief was the thought that I can finally shower(because if you realise, we did not have the chance to have one ever since we arrived lol).

We did not stay in for so long, we barely had enough time to freshen up and get changed and sleep because we're set to head out again at 12 midnight to start our journey to Kawah Ijen(we aren't the wisest when we planned this trip, I know). 

And so with half an hour of sleep, we're on the road again. I'm gonna make this long story short: the hike to Kawah Ijen was totally different from Bromo. The paths to the crater were steep and there were a lot of cliffs. We had to stop several times to catch our breath, rest our legs and drink water, there were a few times where our guide had to give me a gentle push from behind to keep me walking lmao. 

As we walked closer to the crater, the smell of the sulfur gas got stronger and it was getting harder to breathe. We were seriously lucky to have our guide prepare the gas masks for us beforehand: the gas masks were needed to be worn before going down to see the  'Blue Flame' because of the massive amount of sulfur gas in the area.

 After climbing up our way to the crater, we had to go through down a rocky path to see the 'Blue Flame'. The path down was long (gloves were very useful for sharp edges of rocks), maybe it was especially hard because I have no experience in this, I was seriously struggling. "How am I going to climb up again those rocks?" was the only thing I had in mind.

Sulfur fumes can blow upward or directly to your face depending on the direction of the wind. Unfortunately, the wind blew towards our direction while we were down the crater to see the blue flame. Our guide instructed us to close our eyes and turn our face away from the fumes. I was scared, to be honest, my friend had sensitive eyes and for a minute she was not able to open them while I seriously struggle to breathe. I did wonder if I will be able to go out alive from there lol.

Blue Flames due to sulfuric and volcanic gases.
I seriously wanted to see the acid lake but it was too foggy during our visit, we tried to wait but to no avail. I was heart broken T_____T.
On our way back, we passed by a small waterfall by chance. 

Right after our hike from Kawah Ijen, we're back on the road again. Traveled back to Surabaya for 6 hours, checked in at our hotel near the airport because we had an early flight back to Singapore at 6 AM the next day.

There goes our Mission Impossible trip.

On a side note, friends and colleagues kept telling me that my clothes were too clean/too nice for hiking. They said I look like I was modelling lol.
 To be honest I'm not sure what do they mean by that because if you have been following me for quite sometime, you'll know that I wear jeans as rare as a hen's teeth and the chance of me wearing leggings + baggy shirt + sneakers is next to nothing. I only did this time because I thought that these were 'appropriate' for hiking and will enable me to move freely. 

And I wasn't too clean, my shoes were black before the hike but came down with brown sneakers. My jacket and shirt were full of white and brown dust. I reek the smell of sulfur. BUT luckily it was really cold during both hikes that I did not shed a single sweat therefore still picture friendly. Hiding the dirt on my clothes for the picture was just a matter of angle haha. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

East Java Indonesia Day 1

My trip to Indonesia was nothing like my previous travels. It was a different kind of adventure and totally out of my comfort zone. No fancy clothes, no ootds, nor a 5-star hotel. 

It was my first time hiking too, and to be honest, I underestimated it. I thought it wouldn't be as hard as people said it to be. My friends told me "You're crazy to do this" and yes, I guess I was.

My friend and I had a late flight, we arrived at Surabaya airport around 10 PM and from there our guide and driver, Didit, was already waiting for us. From a 2-hour flight, we headed straight to Mt. Bromo which was a 6 hour drive. We arrived at Mt. Bromo View Point around 4 AM and we had to wait approximately an hour for the sunrise. It was cold, freezing cold which I guess was a good thing because I did not sweat even after walking a long distance, hence, pictures will still look pretty fine(despite the fact that had 0 hours of sleep and have yet to change clothes or shower). 

There were too many people at the view point to actually enjoy looking at the sunrise. But Mt. Bromo from afar was totally magnificent, it took my breathe away. 

From the view point, we head down to the actual location of Mt. Bromo and it was a rather bumpy jeep ride. Upon arriving at the place, 2 men with their horses were already waiting for us, these horses(150,000 IDR) will actually do the 2 km walking for us before actually climbing up the crater of Bromo and we were actually really glad that we opted to ride the horse or we wouldn't be able to reach the crater at all. 

We went around to see other landscapes around Bromo, we completed everything around 11 AM and I was EXHAUSTED. Unfortunately, it wasn't the end of our journey for we need to survive another 6 hour drive just to get to our hotel which was close to our next destination: Kawah Ijen.