Monday, 12 September 2016

Gac Hoa Cafe, Vietnam

Gac Hoa Cafe

This cafe is hidden in a small alley. And when I say hidden, I mean literally, if we were not intentionally looking for it, we wouldn't have guessed that it was the cafe. In fact, we still had to ask the people around the area to find that it was just in front of us lol. It is cleverly located above a flower shop managed by the same owner so it was understandable that the whole cafe was decked with pastel colored and fragrant flowers. These flowers were freshly picked and arranged everyday. We came around lunch time and they were just starting to place new flowers in the shop and there were very few customers in the cafe.

There was not much variety on their menu so don't come here if you want something heavy to eat, although it was to be expected on such a small cafe. We ordered rose tea and rose cake, coconut smoothie and a vanilla latte. Unfortunately,  the rose cake was not available so we just settled for drinks. I am very picky when it comes to coffee but I was satisfied with how my vanilla latte tasted; it was creamy, not too sweet and light bitterness. 

This cafe is ridiculously photogenic, definitely instagrammable, we couldn't stop snapping photos! The space was small but each corner has something worth the snap and the lighting was perfectly romantic.

There is also an outdoor space located at the rooftop of the cafe with a rustic garden theme. We didn't hang out there though because the weather was warm and humid.

I can't tell you much about how to get there but it was 40 mins - 1 hour ride, depending from the traffic, from our hotel(Vien Dong Hotel). We took a cab and just flashed the address to the driver and walked our way to the cafe using GPS.

The space is smaller than how it looked in the pictures but I would still recommend this place for the ambiance, quiet surrounding, fragrant flowers and good coffee!

Address: 92/17 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, 3, Vietnam
Opening hours: 7 AM - 10 PM

Cafes in Vietnam open really early lol.

Forgot to snap a photo before gulping down my Vanilla latte + Rose tea
Stair access to the cafe
Flower shop just below the cafe

Happy 3 friends
We also visited 2 more cafes: The Workshop Cafe and La Rotonde, I will make a separate entry for that soon^^.
If you want to see clips of the cafe, do check out my vlog about my short trip to Vietnam:


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