Sunday, 6 November 2016


Hi everyone! 
Work has been hectic for me, I believe a teacher's schedule always is tbh. 
But I am much busier than usual because my class will be graduating next week!
So you can just imagine the amount of deadlines I need to meet, not to mention rehearsals and last minute changes. It is really challenging to handle a graduating class, it's really stressful and suck the life out of me. 

I've been having pimple break-outs too! Probably because of everything work related T___T. I am not sure if you will notice in the photos but I actually have a band-aid/plaster on my chin because of 2 huge pimple scars there. I just can't look at it and not feel insecure lol.

So going out today and just slowly take life in felt really refreshing.

On another note, today's outfit are pieces from great local brands!
Loving my unique top from Modparade 
and gorgeous pleated skirt from All Would Envy

Do you guys have any suggestion on healing pimple scars? My pimples left black/grey-ish discoloration on my skin and I just want to cry T__________T.

Thank you!


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